The Appeal of Christian Apparel

christian apparel

If your church hasn’t jumped on the Christian apparel craze of getting all of community groups or teams of volunteers wearing T-shirts or hoodies, then you might really be missing out on a fantastic witness opportunity.

When our church rolled out the hoodie campaign several years ago I bought one simply because they were soft and I was excited to wear it, but I had no idea just how impactful wearing something considered Christian apparel would be.

At least once a week I would see someone with our church’s hoodie walking downtown and they were always someone I didn’t even know! Our church is fairly large so it was encouraging for me to see so many people sporting this hoodie around time. Now, you may think this is silly but the phenomenon wasn’t that I saw so many people wearing the sweatshirts, it was the fact that it was a conversation starter.

One clerk lit up when she saw me and said “I go there to!” At first I didn’t even know what she was talking about but then I realized she was referring to my hoodie with the name of our church. It was great to meet a fellow member I didn’t know. Another time when I was out and about a younger gentleman told me he had visited our church. We were able to connect because of our unity that we would otherwise not have even know.

Our hoodies didn’t even have a bible verse or biblical message and yet it was this great ice-breaker, so that made me think just how more impactful would it be to wear a shirt with a message about Jesus. So, we’ve added ‘em to our lineup of products!

According to Impressions magazine, a T-shirt could be read up to 3,000 times in its lifetime. Whether you’re just one person wanting to make it easier to bring up Jesus in everyday conversations or you want your entire Bible Study group to wear the same Christian T-shirt when you serve together – Christian apparel is definitely a great way to express our Christian faith and not shying away from who we are or the God we serve is the first step in living out our faith.

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