Christian Jewelry That Inspires

christian jewelry that inspires

There was a time that Christian jewelry was limited to gold cross necklaces, and the bigger the cross, the more committed you must be to your walk with Jesus.

Thankfully times have changed and our fashion sense regarding jewelry has expanded. Now we can wear jewelry in a variety of metals and Christians aren’t stuck with just crosses to remind us of our faith.

We now have modern tag-style necklaces with a mustard seed embedded, mens cross necklaces featuring scripture, nickel-free plated alloy pendant necklaces with simple messages, sterling silver triple cross necklaces and much, much more.

Christian jewelry is now available at every price point in a variety of metals and our jewelry can be both a bold statement of faith as well as a complement to our wardrobe. With the popularity of less expensive metals, it has opened up the door for gift-giving in new ways. Now, you can afford to buy gifts for everyone in your Bible Study, or several of your closest friends, or even for volunteers.

If you’re a parent, giving a gift of a purity ring can be a wise decision and help cement a decision by your child to wait until marriage. If you’re a dad and you missed our last article on what every daughter needs to hear, read it here.

Christian jewelry is no longer “just a cross” it can mean any piece of jewelry that serves as a reminder of a favorite verse or inspires us in our walk with Jesus and there’s something that fits every personality and even the quirkiest of fashion sensibilities.

As much as we may miss the golden age of gold cross necklaces, time has marched on and so has our fashion sense. We can now wear cute mustard seed necklaces, dainty cross necklaces or even rugged, masculine necklaces made to look like nails.

There is certainly many choices in Christian jewelry now and whatever you’re looking for, we’re pretty sure Atrio Hill has you covered!


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