Express Your Faith with a Purity Ring



At Atrio Hill, we’re proud to provide a wonderful selection of Christian jewelry for men, women, and teens, and some of our most popular items are our purity rings. We have options for every person, and a purity ring can be a perfect way to express your faith and your commitment to live a pure and abstinent life until marriage. Look through our online catalog today to find a ring for yourself or someone special in your life.

True Love Waits

Many of our purity rings include the phrase “True Love Waits.” While this can mean something different to everyone who wears a ring, its simple expression is meant to signify that a person has made a commitment to abstain from sex until they find their true love and are joined in marriage to that person. We have True Love Waits rings for men, women, and teenagers, and people of any age can find one that fits their personal commitment.

Who Wears a Purity Ring?

It is common to see teenage girls and young women wearing purity rings to signify that they are practicing abstinence until they are married. However, teenage boys and young men can also wear purity rings to show that they are also committed to abstaining until they are joined in marriage to their wife. Older adults who have been married before, but are now single, may choose to wear a ring to show that they are waiting to find love once again. The ring is often worn on the left ring finger, in the spot where an engagement or wedding ring will one day be placed.

A Commitment to a Pure Life

While a purity ring often represents a commitment to sexual abstinence until marriage, it can also show that a person has made a commitment to living a pure life in all aspects. When under the stress of compromising one’s beliefs, the ring can serve as a reminder to the pledge that one made to live a pure life and abstain from certain things. It can also be a promise to someone else that one will live a pure life in all ways. It can be a declaration to others that one has made a commitment to be pure, and that nothing can sway their faith.

Who Can Buy a Purity Ring?

Anyone can buy a purity ring, whether it’s for themselves or for someone else. A parent may purchase one for their son or daughter, and it’s not uncommon for a father to buy one for his daughter, or a mother to buy one for her son. As a child grows and their parents begin to explain the ways of the world, a purity ring can be a good reminder of the faith that will keep one strong throughout the trials that will come. A teenager or young adult may buy a ring for themselves to serve as a physical reminder that they can wear at all times. When temptation comes, the ring will be there to remind someone to pause and think about the decision that will be best.

Choosing a Ring

Choosing a ring doesn’t have to be difficult, and with our selection, you’ll be able to find the perfect option for yourself or for someone else. We have True Love Waits rings with every birthstone from January to December, as well as rings that feature Scripture, such as Matthew 5:8, which says “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” If you’re unsure which ring will be ideal, then please contact us today and we’ll gladly help you choose the best option.

Purity rings are an unique piece of Christian jewelry that can be worn by anyone who has made a commitment to abstinence or to living a pure life. We’re proud to be able to offer such beautiful options, and we know that you’ll be able to find the perfect ring for yourself or for someone special in your life. Whether you’re a boy, girl, man, or woman, you can wear your ring every day and look at it as a reminder of the faith you have, and the covenant that you have made between yourself and the Lord.

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