Where To Find Christian Daily Devotionals

Daily Devotionals

Perhaps you were like us and grew up watching your parents read Portals of Prayer, a short daily devotional and maybe your family even shared reading devotions out loud. Or, maybe you’re new to The Bible or new to the discipline of being in the Word daily. There’s no doubt that as Christians our growth is a direct correlation to how often and deeply we study God’s Word.

Finding a devotional that helps you start your day off on the right note, end your day with some tranquility – or maybe even provides some peace in your otherwise chaotic days, is critical. It’s important that we never stop delving into God’s word – no matter how long we’ve been following Jesus.

But, let’s face it, just opening up the Bible and randomly trying to read something every day is going to be daunting and is really hard to do. That’s why so many Christians turn to daily devotionals – because they provide some guidance.

There are One-Minute devotions for women, devotionals for couples, men, girls and boys. There are devotional books dedicated specifically to moms and there are even devotional books that contain prayers on a variety of topics to help you pray in every situation.

The New York Times Best Seller, Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence is a popular devotional written by missionary Sarah Young which many of our shoppers are finding quite powerful.

It’s so important for us to keep our eyes on Jesus and the only way we can truly do that is if we’re reading the book he gave us – every single day. Devotional books are the perfect way to guide us through scripture day in and day out. They provide us with new insights, keep us encouraged to keep reading, sometimes the author shares their stories and antidotes that help bring clarity to difficult scripture passages.  

No matter what kind of daily devotional you select, you’ll find it much easier to open your Bible every day and you’ll be more likely to look forward to your quiet time with Jesus when you have both purpose and context provided by a devotional book.

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