Purity Rings Meaning and History

Also known as an abstinence or chastity ring, a purity ring symbolizes a person’s commitment to stay pure and abstain from sex until marriage. Many Christian organizations and abstinence-focused groups have adopted this symbol as a right-of-passage for the young people in their community as they transition from children to teenagers. But how did the use of women’s and men's Christian rings to signify purity start? And what purpose does it serve for the person wearing the ring? Read on to find out more.


History of the Purity Ring

While the concept of abstaining from sexual relations until marriage stems from ancient times, the idea of using a ring to symbolize abstinence is relatively new. In the early 1990s, the government started pushing for more teen pregnancy and STD prevention for young people by adopting a sexual education curriculum that focused on abstinence. Various religious groups used this as a platform to promote purity with a Christian ring symbolizing that commitment to purity. This is also when the program called “The Silver Ring Thing” started, which emphasizes leading a Jesus-centered life for middle and high school students. This program puts on events that include high-energy music, sketch comedy, and music videos, all with a Christian abstinence message. Participants commit to a vow of sexual abstinence until marriage and purity rings are given out to symbolize this vow.

Who are Purity Rings for?

While anyone who desires a symbol to remind them to live a pure life can wear a purity ring, the most common groups who wear them are teens and young adults. This is the typical phase of life in which people are dating and have yet to commit to one person through marriage. This is also the time when people experience the highest level of peer pressure to engage in activities that detract from living a pure life. It is a common tradition for parents with strong religious beliefs to purchase purity rings for daughters and sons during adolescence. Many church groups also encourage youth participants to wear Christian cross rings to symbolize their commitment to living a pure life.

Purpose of the Purity Ring

While the purpose of a wedding ring is to symbolize the commitment a person makes to a spouse through marriage, a purity ring represents the commitment a person makes to themself to lead a pure life. In today’s society, practicing abstinence until marriage is no longer the norm, and the temptation is everywhere. A purity ring provides a constant reminder to stay strong in the conviction to resist the temptation in order to keep the body, mind, and heart pure. This also provides a symbol to a potential spouse that you want to stay chaste until marriage. In addition to wearing the ring, many participants also take a vow or pledge to show their commitment to staying pure. This can come in the form of a verbal vow or a signed pledge and may include a special ceremony to commemorate the vow of abstinence.

Choosing a Style

Purity rings come in a variety of styles and may include words, bible verses, or just symbols that represent the commitment being made. Girls may choose thinner, more delicate designs while boys tend to choose thicker styles with more masculine features. Phrases may include anything from “True Love Waits” to “Pure Before God”. Symbols typically include crosses, hearts, keys, or flowers. With so many options to choose from, a ring can be personalized to fit the personality of the wearer.

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