Pray for the Lost

Pray for the lost...

Brothers, my heart's desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved.  Romans 10:1

The Apostle Paul had a burden for his fellow countrymen.  He knew first hand the emptiness of a life without faith in Jesus.  He had previously risen in the ranks of the religious leaders of his day, scoffed at the followers of Christ, and persecuted them relentlessly.  He also recalled his life changing encounter on the Road to Damascus that brought about his salvation (Acts 9:3-5).  The difference in him was dramatic.  After meeting with the risen Lord, his hard heart was softened, and he longed for others to come to Jesus.  He recognized all sinners are in need of the Savior (Romans 3:23)

Paul's heart's desire for the lost, whether they be Jew or Gentile, was to come to a saving faith . It should be ours as well.  Who do you know personally that is far from the Lord?  See them as one who has been led astray and been taken captive by the world's allurements.  They are held in the bondage of sin. They may act as though they have their life together, but inside they are a mess.  It's good to know that God specializes in cleaning up our messiness.  

Be in prayer like Paul for your unsaved family members, friends, and foes.  Don't give up, but continue to be faithful in bringing them before the throne of grace and mercy for God to work in their life.  Be patient and persistent.  Hard hearts can still be softened by the Master's touch in ways you can't imagine, and then salvation comes to set them free from the grip of sin in their life. Hold fast to that truth and continue to be a consistent prayer warrior on their behalf.  Pray for the lost!

Written by: Lois Dahlstrom


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