My Soul Thirsts for God - Psalm 42:1


As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.  My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
Psalm 42:1-2a (NIV)
As a youth and on into his adulthood, David spent a great deal of time outdoors.  He watched and observed all kinds of animals in the land that we now know as Israel.  Because he was a shepherd boy, he had seen nature up close and personal.  When hiding in caves from Saul, he became aware of other kinds of critters.  No doubt there were times when he gazed upon deer looking for a water source in the arid regions of the land. Because life is depends on water, he must have observed that the animals continued searching until their thirst could be satisfied by refreshing, cool water.
The analogy of David's soul panting or longing for God is a word picture which reminds us of the deep, heartfelt craving in each person to know God and be known by Him.  The soul is the inner being or immortal part of man that can only be satisfied by a personal relationship found in Jesus Christ.  Until that happens, the soul is in anguish.  Calling out to the Lord for salvation brings deliverance from sin and turning to Him in obedience satisfies the inner thirst of the soul (Psalm 6:3-4)  His unconditional love abounds for all who seek Him (Luke 19:10).
The question of the day is whether or not you have a longing to know Jesus more and more.  Do you pant after Him?  Do you take time to read and ruminate on what the scriptures are teaching you?  Digging deeply into passages helps gain understanding of lessons which God is wanting to illuminate in your mind.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you.  Go to the source and draw up from His water of truth.  Only God will satisfy your spiritual thirst.
Written by: Lois Dahlstrom


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