How To Find Ring Size


Purchasing Christian rings online is a great way to get quality jewelry for a great price, but it can also feel risky if you’re not exactly sure what your ring size is. Fortunately, there are a few different ways you can determine your ring size so that you get the perfect fit. Here’s what you need to know.

Be Wary of Strings and Paper

One method that’s often recommended for determining ring sizes is one that you might actually want to avoid. Using a string or paper ring to measure your finger and then find your corresponding ring size on a chart is commonly recommended. However, there are some potential problems with using this method. The string can stretch or be difficult to measure exactly, and paper rings can easily tear. In addition, this method doesn’t usually take into account the knuckle that the ring needs to slide over. This is usually the largest part of the finger, so measuring only where the ring will sit often results in buying the wrong size of the ring. There are other more accurate methods of obtaining your ring size to use instead.

Measure Specific Finger

Another thing to think about is what finger you intend to wear the ring on. While it’s obvious to most that each finger might be a different size on one hand, many people overlook the fact that the same finger on the other hand could be an entirely different size. Many people have larger fingers on their dominant hand, so you can get the most accurate sizing by choosing which finger the ring is going to be worn on before determining the size and purchasing the ring.

Use Existing Ring

Perhaps the best way to determine what size of ring you should purchase is by using an existing ring that fits the finger you have in mind. You can take this ring into any jeweler who can use a ring mandrel that measures sizes. This is a cylindrical tool with the sizes marked to determine the size of the current ring. If the ring you’re purchasing is a similar width, you can order the ring that size. If the ring you’re ordering has a wider width, however, you may want to consider buying up a half size to ensure it fits comfortably since wider bands tend to fit more snugly.

Consult a Jeweler

Even if you don’t have an existing ring that you can use to determine your ring size, you can still utilize the help of a jeweler. The jeweler has finger gauges in half-size increments that you can slide onto your finger to determine which size will fit most comfortably.

Consider Shrinking and Swelling

When a jeweler sizes your finger, he or she will also take into account factors that may cause swelling or shrinking. Temperature, altitude, humidity, and time of day can all cause the finger to swell or shrink, so make sure you consider these factors, especially if you find that your ring size is close to a couple of different sizes that feel comfortable.

Resizing Considerations

In some cases, a cross ring can be resized, so a jeweler may be able to help if you find the size isn’t just right.  Just keep in mind that some designs like those with words or stones all the way around the band may not be able to be resized. To find the perfect Christian cross rings, check out Atrio Hill today!


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