How to Buy the Perfect Cross Necklace

People buy their loved ones jewelry for a variety of reasons. Cross necklaces are one of the most popular choices for family members, significant others, and friends because they represent a strong connection to their faith. Whether you're looking for a lovely birthday or anniversary gift or you just want to brighten their day, finding the perfect cross pendant can be a challenge. There are several factors you need to consider when shopping for cross necklaces for women including cross pendants or necklaces. Here are three factors that will help you find the perfect pendant for someone you love.

Size and Weight

The first thing you usually think about when shopping for a cross necklace for men or women is size and weight. The chain needs to be long enough to fit around your loved one's neck and light enough for them to wear comfortably. The size of the cross pendant will have a considerable impact on the weight of the necklace. A large cross will be heavier, while smaller crosses are typically lighter. Also, keep in mind that, based on these factors, men often like larger crosses, and women usually prefer smaller crosses. If you’re purchasing the piece online, the length and weight of the chain and pendant will be included in the product features section. 


Cross necklaces can be made from numerous materials. The most common materials are stainless steel and sterling silver. Wood is incredibly lightweight and adds a natural warmth to Christian jewelry of all kinds. Metal, including gold, silver, stainless steel, pewter and so on, are denser and heavier than wood and offer a cooler vibe. Gemstones add color, energy, and vibrancy to any piece of jewelry.

Material is especially important if your special someone will be wearing the pendant for a long time. Stainless steel chains are known for being lightweight and having smooth edges and provide comfort and durability for the wearer. They’re also the least reactive to sensitive skin. Metal alloys (bronze, brass, pewter, etc.) are made of a mix of different metals, which can cause a reaction, usually in the form or a greenish muddy ring or patches around the neck. Another excellent option is to pair a wooden or stainless steel cross with a rope for the chain. If they’re only going to wear the necklace for a short time or use it as an ornamental piece at home or on their car's rearview mirror, alloy metals, plastics, and acrylic materials are fine.


You can buy a mens cross necklace or women's in a multitude of styles. Some of our most popular styles are silver cross necklaces and black cross necklaces. The options are practically limitless. When searching for a cross necklace for that special someone, consider what would best fit their personal style. Think about what their favorite materials and gemstones are and try to find a cross necklace with those attributes. Flowers, bible quotes, angel wings, etc., can add special meaning to a cross pendant. If you’re having difficulty finding the right cross necklace, opt for a simple, elegant design.  

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