Finding the Best 2020 Christian Planner

It’s that time of year - the weather is turning cooler and we’re trading in our tank tops and flip flops for cozy sweaters and boots and we’re starting to think the holidays and even yes, even next year. As we look up our children’s spring break schedules and planning all of things in our busy calendars it seems to be happening all too fast. Doesn’t it seem like just a few years ago we were all worried about Y2K?! Yet, here we are, planning for *gulp 2020!

If you’re one of those who still does things a bit old-school and loves writing down all of your activities, plans and to-do lists, then one of our fun, inspirational 2020 planners will be perfect for you! Check out our Be Still And Know Daily Planner



Even if you use your Google calendar, do you still like having a planner to take to meetings, or have with you at Bible Study where you can jot down notes and prayer requests? Then a 2020 Christian planner is perfect for you because unlike an ordinary planner, Atrio Hill Christian planners are infused with scripture passages which are sure to encourage you every day.

In case you want to know exactly how many hours there are in 2020 our Executive Planner with Cross and gold foiled lettering is a great option, which you can find here:


Whether the perfect 2020 Christian daily planner features a zippered cover to keep all of your little notes and coupons safe or if you prefer a hard cover daily planner – we’re pretty sure you’ll find one you love.

Our Christian 2020 Daily Planners offer a variety of features depending on which one you select. You can find planners that are 12 month and some that are 18 month planners. Some include scripture references, while others include both scripture and inspirational messages each day. Some include address and phone number directories, monthly budget pages measurement conversion charts and pages for personal notes. Just take a look at our collection to find the one that makes you not even care that this year is almost over.

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