Christian Plaques Surround Us with God’s Love

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The best way to deepen our walk with Christ is to be in the Word, daily. Reading and reflecting on what God has given us to get to know him is the only way we spiritually mature. As important as it is to have scripture memorized and etched on our hearts, it is also helpful to have visible reminders of God’s promises.


Placing Christian plaques in our homes featuring inspiring messages and favorite scripture passages is a way that we can tangibly be reminded of God’s love for us. It may not be necessary for our faith, but it certainly can help us in our daily walk.


Having a simple Christian wall plaques with a word like “blessed” can help remind us to be grateful for what we do have on days we’re focusing on negative things. A Christian plaque with a message like, “It is well with my soul” will remind us of other Christians who have lost everything and were still able to worship our Savior. A Christian plaque with scripture like, “Be still and know that I am God” can serve to remind us to take a deep breath and rest in his omnipotence. 


Consider purchasing a different Christian plaque with scripture for every room of your home so every room has a physical reminder of God’s love and every family member is surrounded by God’s word.


If you’re looking for some inspiration yourself or a great gift idea, Christian plaques come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials. There are plaques for table tops and plaques made to hang on the wall. There are even box style plaques that are the perfect complement to book shelves and other small spaces.

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