Best Men's Cross Necklaces For 2022

Men’s Cross Necklace: Best of 2022 Edition

Many things will be said and written about 2021, but one thing’s for certain: faith is more important than ever. A beautiful men's cross necklace is a great way to keep your faith close to your mind and heart. The simplicity of a chain and a cross communicates your love of God to those around you and serves as a constant reminder to you of the things you hold most dear. It’s a symbol of strong, unending trust and confidence in Christ Jesus.

How to Choose the Right Cross Necklace

Cross necklaces for men are a stylish accent rather than a focal point; the ideal piece is comfortable, neutral, and timeless. A good piece will complement your style and have the look of something that’s been worn for years. It won’t be the first thing anyone notices about you, but it will be an important part of your overall look. The right cross necklace will feel comfortable and neutral. You can wear it all the time, and with anything, a strong, masculine cross looks right with tees and unbuttoned collared shirts alike. Look for chains that hit right below your collarbone for the most natural fit; 22’’-24” are a good length for most men for daily wear cross necklaces.

Atrio Hill has an abundance of styles of cross necklaces and chains so you can find one that fits you like a glove. The following is a closer look at 5 of the best styles for 2021.

Nail Cross Necklace

This unique 2 Nail Cross Necklace is a modern, slightly edgy interpretation of a classic symbol. This rustic, lead-free pewter design features a cross made from three lashed carpenter nails hung on a 24" curb chain. The nail cross necklace is a subtle, powerful statement of your devotion that can be comfortably worn anytime and anyplace.

“I Can Do All Things” Men’s Stainless-Steel Cross Necklace

This Men’s Stainless Steel Cross Necklace provides inspiration around the clock. The high-quality, burnished, stainless steel cross is engraved with every man of faith’s motto: "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me." The back gives the citation, Philippians 4:13, and the solid pendant hangs from a 20” or 24” chain. This timeless design is well-suited for daily wear.

Men's Silver Chain Cross Necklace

“Man Of God”

Dog tags are used by servicemen to identify themselves. They are a powerful symbol of service, commitment, and honor. Dog tags serve to remind the wearer of their personal history and as a link to others who share the same experiences. This Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace is ideal for warriors for Christ who yearn for a constant reminder of their faith. Hung from a 20” or 24” chain, this classic design is a strong and masculine statement of devotion.

Two-Tone Multi-Layered Cross Necklace

This Stylish Cross Necklace features a unique layered design and two-tone metal accents. The cross is made from gleaming, highly polished stainless steel in silver and gold tones, and the pendant is hung from a rich 24” rope chain. While it has a luxe look, this classic piece is versatile enough to be worn in casual or dressy situations.

Black Diamond-Back Cross Necklace

This Black Cross Necklace features an engraved diamond pattern and a polished chain and bottom tab. The juxtaposition of matte black and buffed stainless steel is very modern and very stylish. The back is laser engraved and reads, "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me." You’ll love how this contemporary interpretation of a classic cross design fits your lifestyle.

Exceptional Christian Jewelry for Men

Atrio Hill is your source for exceptional Christian jewelry for men. When you buy Cross Necklaces for Men from Atrio Hill, you get beautiful high-quality designs, excellent prices, and outstanding service. Shop today!

What is your favorite type of cross necklace to wear? Let us know.


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