Best Cross Necklaces for Women Designs Worth Giving a Try


Christian men and women alike often wear a cross necklace as a symbol of their faith and as a daily reminder of Christ’s sacrifice. It acts as a reminder to be more Christ-like every day, an anchor to help you feel closer to God, and as a symbol of Christ’s love. With so many meanings behind this piece of jewelry, it’s little wonder that people put so much time and consideration into what style or design they want for their women’s cross necklace. If you’re feeling a little stumped about what to design to get—whether for yourself or someone else—keep reading to learn a few design styles you might want to consider.

Triple Cross

While the single cross is by far the most common style for a necklace, many people choose to wear a style that shows three crosses, just as there would have been when Christ was crucified. These small, simple crosses provide an additional reminder that Christ died among criminals, He lowered Himself for all mankind so that he could rise above all. It’s a unique and beautiful twist on the traditional single cross that carries with it a deep meaning.

Shield Cross

Instead of wearing only the shape of the cross, why not consider wearing a cross that is etched atop the shape of a shield? This not only provides a physical reminder of Christ’s sacrifice but an additional reminder that that sacrifice was made so we put our trust in Him. It reminds you that the Atonement of Christ is your shield from temptation and your protection against evil, and can provide an anchor for you amidst even the greatest of trials.

We carry several necklaces in this style for both men and women, most of which include a scripture verse engraved on the back that can further strengthen you in difficult times.

Diamond Cross

If you’re looking for something with a bit more sparkle that isn’t too extravagant, consider a cross made of high-quality CZ that resemble diamonds. The simple cross shape helps to keep the pendant elegant, allowing you or the person you’re giving it to, to wear it with anything, while the stones add some eye-catching sparkle and extra beauty.

Cross and Nails

We also carry several necklace designs that feature the shape of a nail, reminding you of the pain Christ suffered during his crucifixion. Some of our necklaces feature a cross with a nail shape behind it, while others have the cross itself made of intersecting nails. There are numerous styles that include this additional symbol, so you can find something that suits your taste.

Ribbon Cross

If you prefer jewelry that has soft, flowing curves, consider a ribbon cross necklace. This style of the cross has a curving shape as if you were outlining the shape of a cross using a ribbon. This softens the sharp, somewhat harsh lines that many other cross necklaces have, giving it a more flowing outline.

Whether you’re looking for a cross necklace for men or women, Atrio Hill has what you’re looking for. Check out our huge collection of Christian necklaces now to find a faith-based piece of jewelry to add to your collection.

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